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THE O G - C2-4 $28.00
BLOOMS OF GRACE - C60-4 $35.00
THE ONE TRUE C39-7 $26.00
THE REMIX C44-6 $26.00
THE LEGEND C19-8 $22.00
MIC DROP C39-5 $25.00
FAIRY SPIRIT C29-9 $22.00
FANCY LILKE C9-10 $17.00
A FRESH NEW BEAT C56-6 $30.00
THE REPLICA C8-9 $19.00
THE SEQUEL C11-5 $28.00
Can't find what you're looking for? Let us create a custom prom corsage just for you or your date. Simply call or stop by DIETZ FLOWER SHOP with a photo or description and we will take care of the rest. Our beautiful prom corsages are design to make any girl feel like a princess as she dances the night away.